Tayken on the Quarter

Q1 2021 (In Two Acts)

Photo by Kamesh Vedula on Unsplash

Act I

If you (like me) are wondering WTF is going on right now, and have been asking yourself why things feel so deeply strange with regards to information and communication, here’s an extended quarterly riff (along with a few musings on Clubhouse; the latest social rage to go as viral as #Covid).

The Evolution of Logos

Crazy to think that somewhere on earth a hundred thousand years ago, words emerged and started flowing from the mouths of naked apes. Our ancient ancestors did indeed create language — lowercase logos. And while we still had to eat and avoid getting eaten, adding the layer of language to our brains and to our tribes unlocked worlds upon worlds of complexity, abstraction and novel possibility. We gained the capacity to reflect, theorize, learn from the past, plan for the future, tell tales, sing songs, invent gods, and of course worship them with relentless fervor.

Carnies in the Clubhouse

You might have heard lately about a chummy little social media app called Clubhouse, that’s all about the unscripted spoken word. It kicked off last year with a small beta launch and for a while, in those innocent early days of global quarantine, became a place that real humans, devoid of filters and fake, could gather to chat. It was also invite only, and the pond was stocked with all sorts of cultural creatives, Valley ballers, and bored celebs that have made the chance encounters and intimate access of the platform all the more intoxicating. (see Elon’s recent drop-in that got reposted online ad infinitum).

  • Then the patrons show up with a keen eye for what’s next; modern day Medicis trying to integrate with the artists they nurture forming a symbiotic ecosystem.
  • But then come the carnies (or sociopaths if you’re feeling less generous) with an eye for what’s next, but no particular love for it. They seek to harness the buzz and skim off the top for their own benefit.
  • And finally, come the poor benighted tourists — late to the party (amazing, we’re actually sipping $25 cocktails at the Standard Hotel like Beyonce!)


Without question, time is getting thicker, and at the same time, Logos thinner and thinner. And that’s surely causing much of our grief in the modern-age.

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