I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter, or how we got here. After a clear warning we’d take this action, we made a decision with the best information we had based on threats to physical safety both on and off Twitter. …

A Short Story About Agency & the Future of Data

June 1, 2020 | Taylor Kendal

Photo by Rafał Rudol on Unsplash

The average person checks their phone 150 times per day…in the US alone, that’s about 45 billion data points being provided, BY YOU, FOR FREE, to a small handful of companies (and by extension, advertisers) every day. …

Taylor Kendal

Edu • Web3 • Culture • Travel • Identity → #BUIDL a rational mental map one neural node at a time. // Systems thinker; work in progress; thoughts derivative.

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